V60 pour over decanter with metal dripper

It's not been out all that long, but Hario's new instantiation of the V60 pour over decanter with a metal dripper has caught our eye. Obviously, the V60 has a long and august heritage in the world of pour over coffee, probably still the quickest, cleanest, and most effective way of brewing at home. Only the Kalita Wave and the Chemex are in the same ball-park for consistency of brew, ease of use and cleaning, and, of great importance for home coffee makers, the blend of aesthetics and functionality that speaks of good design.

The new V60 pour over decanter, which comes with a metal dripper, has everything you'd expect or want: clean lines, a tapering decanter with handle, and ease of use. The addition of a metal dripper makes sense too: ceramic takes longer to warm up so more heat escapes from the brew slurry – metal heats faster so the transfer of heat away is reduced, meaning you get a fuller bodied, better brew. It also comes with papers and a scoop, so you've everything you need to get started.

Mostly, though, we think it looks great and makes great coffee with a minimum of fuss. And we think you'll agree.

You can get the new V60 with metal dripper here, via Hario

October 18, 2017 — Best Coffee