Admiral Cheng Ho

325 Johnston St, Abbotsford VIC 3067, Australia

Editor's Review

Six coffees, six different single origins, and they can change every day – Admiral Cheng Ho eally emphasises the explorer’s name sake of the cafe, and that’s just for espresso. A fleet of options, and thus of flavour and roast profiles, accentuating all kinds of different taste and aroma, body types and balances. And there is a great team to help guide you through your indeciveness or curiosity.

The venue feels like you’ve been transported to somewhere along south east asian coast one of the Admiral’s expedition. The washed colours of the wooden boards along the wall reveal a semi open kitchen, fisherman baskets for lamp shades, textures of murals paintings and furnishings, down to the turquoise, moss green chairs. It’s like you’ve washed up ashore – it really gives off a revolutionary dingy sea shack vibe (in a good way), it’s great, and absorbing.

A real point to note are the filter coffees – the number of choices is even wider than the espresso. The venue is known for being one of the only purveyors in Melbourne showcasing renowned Ninetyplus Coffee (exceptional rated coffee) and the fine and high quality coffee is something to be experienced. Prices may vary, but there are plenty of options, each as vibrant and robust as the next, predominantly brewed via V60 with an option available on batch. It could be a running theme of a certain region and different lots, i.e, all panamanian but different or from all over. There's also a wholesome food menu to be enjoyed. 

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6 Mazzer Robur, EK43
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