Anchor Coffee

525A Throop Ave, Brooklyn NY 11221

Editor's Review

You might not expect to find such a kawaii coffee spot on unfashionable Throop Avenue, but when this Japanese-American run mom-and-pop opened in Bed Stuy in 2014, they correctly pegged the neighborhood as ready to explode with coffee. This shop stands apart, though, for its ability to wring charm from nearly every element of its diminutive space, from the minimal seating (this is not a great place to make a date with a friend), the serious (but not pretentious) seasonal origin coffee menu mounted on the wall, to the tiny "front yard" sidewalk seating, it all works together somehow to feel homey and sweet.

Parlor Coffee brews, roasted just a few miles away near the Brooklyn Navy Yard, include single origin espressos, featured drip offerings, and unique treats like the "Espressoda", and can be served with alternatives to milk such as soy, almond, and oat. Pastries from Colson, Amy's, and The Good Batch (including many vegan selections) may be predictable offerings, but turn just a few inches to your right and the retail shelves offer a trove of surprises and treats within just a few square feet of wall space. Pick up an enamel pin, some clever gadget-style toys, a stylish reusable shopping bag, some of Anchor's own Brooklyn-themed mugs, or a free jazz cassette while sipping along and wishing that this was your local.

Review: Liz Clayton

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