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You’ll no doubt have seen Fortitude Coffee around before visiting their cosy upstairs cafe in the New Town, directly above the legendary Stand comedy venue. Well known as a roastery, their coffee is used widely across town and beyond.

The cafe always has a house espresso, guest espresso, filter and decaf on offer. On the house espressos, expect things like warm, sugary Guatamalan roasts, while their pourovers can be very interesting – the Diima from Ethiopia has notes of lemon sherbet and bergamot, making for a very light, floral brew. In terms of guest espressos, they look all over the UK and Europe for interesting roasters, all single origins – always worth asking to see what they’ve got on offer.

Sat in the space between the bustle of Princes Street and the beauty of the New Town, Fortitude has few rivals in its locale – you either have to go north or south to find something of comparable quality. As a result, it can fill up fast, but it’s definitely worth hanging around for.

Review: Harry Harris

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