Hunted + Gathered

68 Gwynne St, Cremorne VIC 3121, Australia

Editor's Review

Nestled in amongst boutique design and creative offices, Hunted + Gathered have now opened up their space from purely a cocoa roaster to include a bar (coffee, tea, chocolate) and info centre. While specialty coffee, and even tea to an extent, have garnered quite a following and movement in origins, processes and transparency, specialty chocolate is still relatively young and unheralded. Hunted + Gathered plan on bringing this information to the public through expansive retail offerings and workshops, aligning themselves with industry professional alike in quality, mission and ethics.

This is highlighted by their collaboration and use of Assembly tea and coffee, who bring their select range of tea, and offerings of espresso and filter roast on rotation. All products are thoughtfully sourced. The whole process and background, beginning from origin, of roasting cacao into chocolate is fascinating and still quite untapped in its potential, flavour extraction and possibilities. Hunted + Gathered are also not afraid to experiment and try to bring these to the public, looking to expand the product offering and drinking range, adding and enhancing what people are used to. This is a venue that's incredibly hard to sumarise in limited words but it's definitely worth the visit to see and experience.

Review: Nibs Bisso

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Coffee + Drinks

Non-dairy Milk Options
Decaf Available
Iced Coffee
Filter Coffee
Coffee Machine
La Marzocco Linea PB
Coffee Grinder
Mythos 1, EK 43
House Roaster
Guest Roaster
Filter Brew Methods
Batch Brew, V60

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