Kaffe 1668 — Fifth Avenue

530 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10036

Editor's Review

Angling to lead the footrace for New York City's smallest cafe is the Scandinavian-styled Kaffe 1668, an extension of the fuller cafe from Tomas Tjarnberg's 275 Greenwich location. This office-lobby outpost is in the hub of 5th Avenue tourism, just around the corner from the NY Central Library and Bryant Park, but easily among the city's most diminutive. The coffee bar – really, it's a counter – occupies only a wee section of the lobby of an office tower on Fifth Avenue, but still offers a variety of skillfully sourced coffees from Tjarnberg's roaster Landskap Coffee Rosteri (a name is also crafted with Sweden in mind).

Enjoy your espresso or pour-over in the lobby's limited seating area, or back at your desk, all while soaking in the true ambiance of Midtown. Despite its small quarters and placement inside a lobby, the kiosk still glows with whatever kind of fashionable lighting it can squeeze above, along with a few of the signature 1668 wooly sheep perched on the shelves in between coffee bags. A few housemade pastries are available, along with almond and soy as the non-dairy alternatives.

Review: Katrina Yentch

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