Meadow Road Coffee

579 Dumbarton Rd, Glasgow G11 6HY, UK

Editor's Review

Straddling the corner of two roads, there must have been a conversation had between the owners of this cute Partick coffee shop as to whether to call itself Meadow Road Coffee, or Dumbarton Road Coffee. You'll probably agree the former has a better ring to it, conveying a sense of palatial calm that is what this café is all about. 

More cafés are cropping up on Dumbarton Road now, so competition is tough, but Meadow Road shine. They use a bespoke blend from Dear Green for their house coffee, but regularly have an interesting guest on too, such as Sweden's award-winning Drop Coffee, not often seen in these here parts, but definitely worth keeping an eye out for. The owners know what works, too. Espresso, V60, and Aeropress are all on offer, with the brew method governed by which suits the individual coffee best. Definitely a place where you feel like you're in safe hands. 

Despite their size, excellent food comes out of their kitchen. Stacked brunches, inventive salads, house-made granola, and enviable sandwiches, with plenty of vegetarian and vegan options, make this a bit of a hidden gem in the food stakes. The cakes and biscuits on the counter are more than appealing too, and it's always nice to watch everything being prepared in front of you — their food prep area is just behind the counter. 

The café's relatively sparse seating is helped with a couple of benches outside (these ones actually are on Meadow Road), while inside tables are eschewed in favour of window benches around the edge of the café. Tricky if you're coming in a group, but good for people watching and catching the sun, or just having a quiet moment to yourself. 

Reviewed by Harry Harris; image courtesy of the venue.

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