Nobletree — Dekalb Market

445 Albee Square W, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA

Editor's Review

It's no surprise to stumble upon one of Brooklyn's poshest coffee roasters, the well-heeled Nobletree, within one of its poshest food halls, Dekalb Market. Tucked alongside a bevvy of borough favorites, like Ample Hills Creamery, Fletcher's Brooklyn Barbecue, Bunker Banh Mi, and dozens more, this diminutive Nobletree outlet makes up in fanciness anything it lacks in square footage. You won't recognize a lot of the coffee brewing gear here – an undercounter Modbar does most of the espresso work, discreetly, while a grinder from space-age US startup Lyn Weber technologies will be sure to impress your absolutely coffee nerdiest friends.

Besides their lavish accoutrement, Nobletree is known for its ownership of multiple farms in Brazil, a nation from which it exclusively sources its coffee. Stop by this spunky kiosk for a lush cappuccino or feature filter coffee, and sit and enjoy it at one of the nearby tables (among the few traditional seating options within the marketplace). There's no food offer here – but you can have pretty much anything else your heart desires from any of the adjacent vendors!

Review: Liz Clayton

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Coffee + Drinks

Non-dairy Milk Options
Decaf Available
Filter Coffee
Coffee Machine
Coffee Grinder
Lyn Weber EG-1
House Roaster

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