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Edinburgh’s two train stations offer very different introductions to the city. Waverley is tucked beneath the hustle of Princes Street and the immediate beauty of The Royal Mile, whereas Haymarket feels a little more anonymous. However, directly opposite the station is Nomad - definitely worth getting off one stop early.

Nomad stretches the corner of Haymarket Terrace and Rosebery Crescent, creating an inviting atmosphere with wooden tables and benches, bountiful piles of sandwiches, and different cakes and baked goods. Everything at Nomad is made on site, even the bread for the sandwiches, which change daily, along with the cakes - the donuts in particular are worth the trip west.

And hey, it’s not like Haymarket is devoid of things to do. Edinburgh Zoo is a short bus ride down the road, and you can walk to get onto the Water of Leith around Dean Village, one of Edinburgh’s most charming spots. Edinburgh’s Museum of Modern Art is also not too far. The area is, I guess, much like the station - a stop-off point. Nomad will make you want to stay around a bit longer.

Review: Harry Harris

Image courtesy of Cat Morley

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