16-20 Leeds St, Footscray VIC 3011, Australia

Editor's Review

The moment you step foot on the grounds of Rudimentary you know you’re somewhere special.

The fact that it’s three shipping containers put together is only a small part of it. Yep, shipping containers. The foundations are also surrounded by a wonderful landscaped communal garden worthy of botanical status (kind of), keeping it to local flora – garden beds and fruit trees, colour-schemed to impress line the fences for an immersive relaxed feel. It's a refreshing set-up amongst the apartment blocks and busy streets. There's a raised chef’s veggie patches contribute to the running theme of sustainability upon which it was built, some of which are used in the food menu to a degree of supply, and prepared in a transparent open kitchen.

A collision of flavours are presented on the menu, on your plate and to sustain your interest. Small Batch candyman is used for milky drinks, always a favourite with it’s buttery mouthfeel and sweet malty finish. The barista then selects from options for a single origin espresso and filter, using an EK for both to unleash the aroma and flavours of Small Batch coffee. This gets switched up every so often to bring you fruitier notes and a lighter body. Trust them, they’re a real talent. 

Review: Nibs Bisso

Cafe Features

Outdoor Seating

Coffee + Drinks

Non-dairy Milk Options
Decaf Available
Iced Coffee
Filter Coffee
Coffee Machine
La Marzocco Linea PB
Coffee Grinder
Mythos 1, EK43
House Roaster
Small Batch
Guest Roaster
Small Batch
Filter Brew Methods
Batch Brew, V60

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