Strange Love Coffee

101 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5V 2K2, Canada

Editor's Review

Owners Chris Nguyen and David Tran opened Strange Love in 2016 and named the shop as a way to describe the nexus behind their inspiration: to combine the different and odd things they love into one space. Coffee was the perfect theme to bring together their love of music, design, plant life, and graphics—and their Spadina location became the expression of this vision.


The café is separated into two main spaces with the front housing the coffee bar and food prep area along with a retail wall full of coffee paraphernalia and their selection of coffee beans from multiple roasters. The menu behind the bar is a reminiscent of Scrabble tiles on wooden racks. A large black wall acts as a physical and psychological divide between the back area, which is comprised of seating and an extremely pleasing colour pallete of artwork, plants and design elements like the sliding barn door.


Strange Love offers a seasonal selection of unique drinks; so don’t be thrown off when you see a barista wielding a kitchen blowtorch to toast some marshmallows. After all, you just have to read the sticker on their cups, “Made with Strange Love”.


Reviewed by Peter de Vooght

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Non-dairy Milk Options
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1 Mahlkönig EK43, 3 Mahlkönig Peak
Guest Roaster
De Mello Palheta Coffee Roasters, Phil and Sebastian Coffee Roasters, Hatch Coffee Roasters
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