The Maker Cafe

Hannie Dankbaarpassage 39, Upstairs - The Maker Store, 1053 RT Amsterdam, Netherlands

Editor's Review

You're unlikely to just stumble across The Maker Cafe; it's inside The Maker Store, which is within a passageway - that looks like it might be an old railway station - a little west of the centre.

First things first, the coffee is excellent. It's made with care, great milk (unless ordered black), and served beautifully. It's always heartening when you can tell the people making the coffee are interested in what they're making.

The space is not the largest - and is used by the office on the same mezzanine - so you may need to sit at the bar if it's a particularly busy time of day. Regardless, you should go, especially if you're in the mood to shop.

Reviewed by Samuel Goldsmith.


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Coffee + Drinks

Non-dairy Milk Options
Filter Coffee
Coffee Machine
Kees Van Der Westen Spirit
Coffee Grinder
Mahlkönig EK43
House Roaster
Manhattan Coffee

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