The New Black

10 Philpott Lane, EC3M 8AA

Editor's Review

The New Black is quite unlike any other London coffee shop. And that’s a good thing. The New Black which also has branches in Singapore, curate coffees from around the world and offer a wide range of filter and espresso coffees. Their exclusive use of Alpha Dominche steam punk plungers for filter has divided visitors but there is an undeniable visual appeal and the immersion method does produce a brew similar to cupping coffees.

There are coffees from premium roasters all over the world. Prices are higher than some, which reflects this, but this might be the only way to taste coffees from the likes of Counter Culture and George Howell in London. Head of coffee, Patrik Vilhelmsson is passionate to ensure the coffees are dialled in and prepared just right and that staff share his attention to detail.

Reviewed by the Best Coffee team.

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Non-dairy Milk Options
Decaf Available
Iced Coffee
Filter Coffee
Coffee Machine
Coffee Grinder
Mythos 1, EK43
House Roaster
Multiple Roasters

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