Wallace Espresso

188 Wallace Ave, Toronto, ON M6H 1V4, Canada

Editor's Review

There is something so charming, romantic and comforting about a neighbourhood coffee shop that keeps things simple. A small space with vintage furniture, local artwork and humble design. At Wallace Espresso, maybe the only departure from this modesty is the high-quality coffee equipment found behind the bar. Here you will find great coffee, served beside pastries and breakfast sandwiches, and accompanied by a friendly barista more than willing to have a chat.

The café space is small, but there are design elements in every nook and cranny that catch one’s eye. The bar itself is a huge chunk of reclaimed wood, milk and sugar are placed on top of a vintage dresser, one wall is full of individually framed cartoon sketches from a local artist and a large map of 1967 Toronto hangs proudly. Although the shop itself has minimal seating, once you have taken in the pleasant aesthetic of the space you will likely move to the front patio and relax in the afternoon sun. 

It is a funky, incredibly pleasant place. There are some cafés where you just wish you were a regular and Wallace Espresso is absolutely one of them. 

Reviewed by Peter de Vooght.

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Reunion Island Coffee Roasters, Social Coffee Co

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