Borough Café Guide

Our Guide to Coffee Shops worth visiting

Borough has long been on the foodie radar thanks to the market. Although a little more commercialised these days, it has retained a great atmosphere and is home to some excellent bars, restaurants and shops. Initially a little limited on the coffee front, a number of options have opened up to compete with the indomitable Monmouth Borough cafe. We take a quick look through some of the highlights.

Monmouth Coffee - Borough Market

An institution at Borough Market, Monmouth Coffee serves up an impressive volume of speciality coffee every day. A solid espresso menu and brew bar for filters will satisfy most, but there'll be a bit of a wait at peak times and you'll need to jostle for a seat.

Caravan (Bankside)

Caravan have combined excellent coffee, service, food, design and architecture to create a cafe you just want to experience and be immersed in. Caravan Bankside is a destination in itself.

The Gentlemen Baristas (Union St.)

The original Gentlemen Baristas, now expanded to a few other locations. Great commitment to coffee quality and unpretentious at the same time. Worth a visit just to see the original Coffee House shop.

Mouse Tail (Borough)

Is it a Library or a Cafe? It's a cafe in a Library, but you can still have a conversation, don't worry. Don't be shy about walking in and trying it out - neither the coffee or food will disappoint and this is a welcome coffee stop further south in to the Borough area.

London Grind

A bastion of both London Bridge and Grind Coffee, London Grind stands proud at the start of this arterial route to the City. Serving their house coffee, it has become a little more bar and restaurant than cafe these days, but still serves a coffee that's a cut above.