Bushwick Café Guide

Our Guide to Coffee Shops worth visiting

In what was only recently one of Brooklyn's most off-the-beaten-path neighborhoods, once-industrial Bushwick has become a hotspot for galleries, loft living, and award-winning food. It's also home to some of the city's most beautiful and vital coffee roasteries, from international players down to one-shop wonders. If you haven't stretched your legs in this part of New York City yet, there's no more crucial time to do so than right now.

Sey Coffee

Out of the forklift low-rise landscape that is this industrial part of Bushwick has come a new generation of chic, and within it, of course, a handful of exciting new spaces for coffee. Among the best is Sey, who have been roasting (under their former name, Lofted) for a few years just a few blocks from this spacious, bright, dropped-out-of-LA converted warehouse space, which currently gleams with both sunbeams and beautiful people.

Variety — Bushwick

This Bushwick outpost of Variety Coffee (originally founded in Williamsburg in 2008) may well have to be called their flagship location going forward, as the massive, light-filled corner spot houses the burgeoning chain’s roasting operation, in full view in the back of the shop. Built in a former paint store, the room also displays lots of wood and brick, a lovely old bar against one wall, and windows everywhere.

City of Saints Coffee Roasters

City of Saints, a great local coffee company with a couple of cafes in the area, does all of their roasting in this gritty Bushwick warehouse, where they pull delicious espresso for a stream of local artists and neighborhood regulars at the small bar in the front. This block is like a movie set of an edgy Brooklyn enclave, with working warehouses and industrial fabricators butting up against artists' lofts, glassy new developments, trendy bars, and downtrodden bodegas.

Blue Bottle Coffee — Bushwick

This Bushwick warehouse serves as home to the East Coast roasting operation of the ever-expanding Blue Bottle Coffee, and if you are a fan of the bean, this place is worth visiting for that reason alone. The large, airy café is lined with windows to the street on one side, and windows to the roast on the other, and it’s a sight to see for sure, a little coffee tourism right here in Brooklyn.