Cologne Café Guide

Our Guide to Coffee Shops worth visiting

Berlin isn’t the only German city providing great coffee. Cologne, most famed for inventing the cologne, and, of course, its Christmas markets, has a small - but evolving - coffee scene. There are a number of passionate coffee makers in the city and you can find a selection of the best places below.

Van Dyck Rösterei

Van Dyck are serious about their coffee. They roast it themselves and you can only find it in, in Cologne, in their cafés as it's only sold to places outside of the city and as retail coffee. The space has been designed specifically to be a coffee experience: there is no Wi-Fi, it's very minimalist and it's so clean it almost feels clinical (in a good way, though). Van Dyck is situated in a great part of Cologne - Ehrenfeld - the area is worth visiting and, whilst you're there, you should most definitely visit here for a coffee.


The first and, arguably, the best Coffee Gang café serves excellent coffee. They serve the house blend roasted by JB Kaffee roasters and they make their milk drinks with it really well. Those of you wanting a filter coffee will not be disappointed by the selection. If you're feeling more like a hot chocolate, the brand served also graces the tables of Michelin starred restaurants. If, alternatively, you want some of the best coffee in the city then The Coffee Gang is also the place to head. 

HEILANDT Kaffeemanufaktur

Anyone who has an eye for G-Plan furniture and loves good coffee will feel right at home in Heilandt. It's a fantastic space and has grown so quickly since they first started roasting that they had to move out of their first roastery within 18 months and now have four cafés, including one at the university. One of the best things about the café is that there is a real mix of older and younger customers; it's a sign that coffee can bring people together and what can be better than that?

hommage Café

Hommage is a real gem hidden just a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the main Cologne shopping streets. It's small but perfectly formed and it's a real treat to have a coffee in its almost spiritual space. The ceiling above the bar is – almost – reminiscent of the Sistine Chapel. If you want good coffee, wonderful staff and a beautifully rustic setting, Hommage is the place for you.