Covent Garden Café Guide

Our Guide to Coffee Shops worth visiting

Covent Garden is one of the most iconic landmarks in London and attracts huge numbers of visitors. Increasingly commercialised in the market area, specialty coffee shops are circling around the outskirts and starting to offer locals and visitors better coffee. In recent years there have been a few cafés opening very close to the square, but you'll also be rewarded for wandering up to the recently redeveloped Seven Dials.

Monmouth Coffee - Covent Garden

If it's peak coffee time and raining, take an umbrella as you'll likely be queuing outside. This small Monmouth outpost is cosy and bustling at the same time. There's a few booths out the back, where it's a bit calmer - you'll be sharing with others though, so don't be shy.

The Espresso Room (Covent Garden)

Formerly New Row Coffee, the Espresso Room is tucked down New Row just a block away from the main Covent Garden market area. It's definitely compact here, but the coffee is consistently very good.

Covent Garden Grind

Following the expansion our of Shoreditch, the small Grind chain has opened in some of London's most bustling areas. Covent Garden Grind has been going a few years and is so close to Covent Garden Piazza you'll have no excuse for drinking chain coffee.

Jacob the Angel

It's tiny but it's very much loved by locals and visitors. Originally started in Neals Yard (head North out of Covent Garden) by the team that founded the nearby Barbary restaurant, this little cafe serves up great coffee and equally good food.


A food and drink oasis of calm just on the southern edge of the market, Abuelo is the new kid on the block in Covent Garden. A mouthwatering food menu and own-roasted coffee with a strong Australian/South American ethos crossover.