London Coffee Festival Café Guide

Our Guide to Coffee Shops worth visiting

Heading to the London Coffee Festival but want to get a great coffee before you go in? Granted you might be saving your caffeine tokens for touring the Truman Brewery venue and probably inhaling your quota just by breathing, but if you want to take some time out - or get warmed up - here's our concise guide to where's good in the immediate area.

Nude Espresso (Roastery)

Nude Roastery wins for the closest café - it's almost next door. Nude's longer-running Hanbury St. shop then gets the award for second closest café. Whilst they've cornered the market on the main drag for the coffee festival, the coffee is consistently good but expect it to be bustling!

Department of Coffee - Spitalfields

One of Department's newer cafés, this place delivers consistently good coffee that Department of Coffee and Social Affairs have built a solid reputation on. Whilst close to the festival (just hop over Commercial Road), you should be able to find space to sit outside and wind down.

Climpson's Coffee Bar at Old Spitalfields Market

An open air coffee bar in Spitalfields market? Yes please. Climpson's is some of the most loved coffee in London, and you'll be able to get some fresh air whilst propping up the bar here.

High Grade

Propping up the other side of the main entrance, High Grade is a coffee cart/popup that's actually attached to the London Coffee Festival venue. Likely to be serving up their great coffee (Workshop beans at last check) to the multitudes milling around outside the festival.