Paris City Café Guide

Our Guide to Coffee Shops worth visiting

Paris, known across the globe for its culinary endeavours, is raising its game when it comes to coffee. A mesmerising and beautiful city, Paris has a number of specialty cafés that serve some of the world’s greatest coffee. Our city guide showcases the best of the best but you can find more of what Paris has to offer on the app.

The Hood Paris

Stepping in to The Hood is like taking a time machine back to the 70s. Though not in terms of coffee. There's a main bar tiled in orangey-brown tiles, green Formica tables, lots of retro furniture, and if you prefer something a little grander, there's a regal looking staircase.  The staff are knowledgeable and greet you with a friendly smile and are happy to help. There's table service if you stay in. It's a wonderful to place to sit and have coffee.


Opposite the British Embassy, on the 'fancy clothes street' of Paris, is Honor. It's in a pretty little courtyard on the lead up to Comme Des Garçons. Although in Paris, it has a British feel to it, not because of its closeness to the embassy, because the staff are (or were at the time) from England, and the beans are roasted by Roundhill. The coffee is excellent; definitely some of the best you will find in Paris. It's not your standard arrangement, though. It's a well-built hut outside that has some seating in the back and lots of seating outside. 


Telescope, which nestles in a quiet back street a stone's throw from the busy tourist area around the Louvre and l'Opera, is a serious coffee shop. The setting is sparse, with white and pale blue walls and floors, and a space dominated by the bar and a splendid Black Eagle machine. The atmosphere is relaxed and unhurried; this is a place to sit and enjoy your order.

Boot Café

You can be forgiven for walking past Boot Café a few times before noticing it. However, it should be pretty easy to find if you look out for the hanging boot sign above the store (also you'll obviously be using the app so that'll help!). Boot Café is small, but perfectly formed. If you're looking for somewhere to sit then you'll have to cross your fingers and hope that one of the few seats are free; this should not put you off, though.

Café Méricourt

Café Méricourt is an amazing brunch hangout. It's perfectly Parisian, has a great selection of food (especially if you like feta), and the coffee is good, too. When you're having coffee and brunch, you want to sit someone comfortable and relaxed, Café Méricourt is just that place. The staff wear funky jungle print aprons and there's also a lot of plants around the place, which helps with the relaxing ambience. This place should definitely be on your 'to visit' list.

Hexagone Cafe

Hexagone is a very relaxing café. The music played fits the environment; it's super chilled and all about the coffee. There's lots of seating inside, including window benches as well as wooden tables and chairs. It's not built for comfort, though, it's built to enjoy coffee, which is excellent. They roast their own and serve it up in a number of ways. The staff are extremely knowledgeable, steam their milk to perfection, and clearly care about making a good cup of coffee.