West Village Café Guide

Our Guide to Coffee Shops worth visiting

Spend any time in the Village and surrounding area and you'll know this is where the creative heart of New York City truly beats. Behind the music, nightlife, film, and LGBTQ+ culture that thrives here is some of the best coffee, fuelling every step. Whether you're on the main drags or getting lost on the winding streets (even locals do), rest assured, there's brilliant coffee around nearly every turn.

Joe — Waverly

Joe Coffee Company is a family-owned staple in the city, a trusty NYC-based chain with more than a dozen locations in Manhattan alone. This café – the first Joe location and still the most charming – lies tucked within the residential streets of Greenwich Village as a central neighborhood destination. The ground floor of a corner building at Waverly & Gay Streets, this location harnesses the coziness of someone's own home.

Third Rail Coffee

This tiny café in Washington Square – the first Third Rail location in Manhattan – is known as much for its coffee as its staff, some of the friendliest baristas in the city. Skilled at encouraging visitors to try both the house coffees and whatever featured roaster is in the hopper (look to the chalkboard menus for tasting notes), Third Rail's baristas have a way of making visitors feel at home in the intimate, mostly inward-facing seating here – a uniquely New Yorkish community atmosphere which necessarily becomes convivial through nature of its size alone. 

Stumptown Coffee Roasters — West 8th

Breaking the NYC mold on various fronts is Stumptown's second Manhattan café, an interior gem that seamlessly combines the modern wilderness accents of Portland design with more posh elements of New York. This highly-funded, immaculate Greenwich Village café is one of the city's most beautiful coffee spots: a mixture of brass and deco trimmings, hardwood, mosaic-tiled tones, and globe lighting. Formerly the Eighth Street Bookstore, this space once played home to literary greats like Jack Kerouac and Ginsberg shuffling through the aisles.

Prodigy Coffee

Roasting under the name Gotham out of Red Hook, the small and sunny Prodigy Coffee makes its home where you'd think it would have long been coffee-shop row: a cuteness-packed strip of Carmine that's long been dying for a decent, nay, great, espresso. This central West Village spot quenches the thirst, and the small, simple space (just enough room for an espresso machine and a pressed-tin bar) offers a basic espresso menu (with soy and almond as non-dairy alternatives), teas, and treats with a smattering of chairs and a pleasing bench outside. A vintage frame menu, small chandeliers, and a massive antique mirror add extra Victorian character to this otherwise straightforward shop.

Partners — West Village

A West-Village-shaped wedge of a café, whose bar space is literally a triangle of a workspace, this multipurpose outlet of Toby's Estate features a café up top and full-fledged cupping lab and brew school beneath. Whether you're diving in-depth into coffee cupping and origin studies or simply popping in for a flat white and quick snack, Toby's offers yet another choice for West Village coffee lovers in this adorably cluttered landscape. An accent brick wall is adorned with painted doodles of drum roasters, and elegant European tile design decorates the bar front. Add in miniature stool-and-bench seating and you might as well be in an adult coffee playground.

The Elk

A super-charming West Village gem, the Elk is probably exactly what you imagined a cozy, stylish NYC café could be when you were killing time in your hometown donut shop as a teenager. It's a small, awkwardly-shaped room that is beautifully put together and always full of interesting and eclectic locals of every age and demographic.