Black Friday: Free Postage on Maps

This Black Friday we are offering free shipping on all maps. Our specialty coffee maps give you the best places to get coffee in four cities around the world:



Amsterdam specialty coffee map

Amsterdam is home to a progressive and ever- evolving coffee scene. We have curated this map so you can enjoy the best coffee whilst indulging in the life of the city; whether art, design, history, or food.

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Berlin speciality coffee map

Berlin, famous for its culture and creativity, has an equally exceptional coffee scene. An exciting destination for any traveller, Berlin has many fine cafés that serve some of the best coffee in the world.

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London speciality coffee map

London hosts a very vibrant coffee scene. Dotted around the city, mostly hiding from the High Streets. We curated this guide to ensure that coffee never leaves a bitter taste in your mouth.

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Paris, known across the globe for its culinary endeavours, is raising its game when it comes to coffee. A mesmerising and beautiful city, Paris has a number of specialty cafés that serve some of the world’s greatest coffee.

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