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Main photo - Buhler and Co

Walthamstow has a lot going for it: only minutes from Kings Cross on the Victoria line, a village with innovative cycle structure, lots of artists, Wood Street Wall, diverse communities, not far from Epping Forest and Lee Valley, street market, and now …plenty of coffee. Awesomestow indeed! Walthamstow might have gentrified at a fast rate, but it is home to people from a range backgrounds. It’s worth a trip just to check out the street art – see http://www.woodstreetwalls.co.uk/. It can still surprise: the William Morris museum is great, there is a wonderful local bakery Today Bread and food from all over the world (Damla Patisserie or example is a wonderful Turkish bakery). On a recent trip we even saw a knitted representation of the Rio Olympics in a front garden and impromptu letterbox libraries on front lawns.

So to the cafes…

West Walthamstow

Wood Street Coffee

Wood Street was originally on Wood Street but moved to a new location near Blackhorse Road. Now with a broader menu with a range of brunch options. Wood Street serve Climpson and Sons coffee and serve a diverse community. It’s relaxed and down to earth and it’s a boon to E17 with its espresso and filter coffee

Blackhorse Workshops 1-2 Sutherland Rd Path, Walthamstow, E17 6BX

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56 St James

Walthamstow: land of train stations – Walthamstow Central, Wood Street, Blackhorse Road, St James Street Queens Road, how many do they need? To be fair, it is spread over a fairly wide area. Near St James Street station sits 56 St James. They serve Nude Espresso coffee in what is a ‘true community affair’ serving locals, families with kids and local workers. They are also open as a cocktail bar on Fridays. St James is decorated with pineapple based artwork by artist Andy MacGregor and, like Wood Street, has expanded its food offer considerably since opening in 2014.

56 Saint James Street London E17 7PE

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Bell Corner

Buhler and Co

Not far from the William Morris Museum is Buhler and Co which we feel has really raised the bar in E17 with its great vegetarian menu by chef Jodi Klein and superb Climpson and Sons coffee whether it’s espresso, filter or cold brew. It’s a friendly welcoming space and a café worth a journey to.

8 Chingford Road, Walthamstow, E17 4PJ

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Walthamstow Central

Incoming Coffee

Right by the station is and admirably right next to a large Costa is Incoming Coffee. It’s a new independent coffeeshop still finding its feet and its consistency but it’s one to keep an eye on! Coffee by Perky Blenders and Nude.

East Central Apartments, 5 Station Approach, London E17 9QF

Walthamstow Village 

Froth & Rind

Walthamstow Village has its own unique feel. Somehow it’s really not a surprise to find a shop selling great cheese and beers. Very driven by the passion of its owners, Froth & Rind also functions as a local café with espresso based coffee by Curved Brick, The Coffee Officina and Climpson and Sons.

37 Orford Road, Walthamstow, London. E17 9NL

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Hucks Café

Open since 2015, Hucks serves Ozone coffee, pastries, cakes and cookies. The coffeeshop business is combined with a soundproofed studio for hire. There are lots of evening events such as Capoeira classes, yoga and wine tasting.

81 Grove Road, Walthamstow, E17 9BU

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