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3 Bristo Pl, Edinburgh EH1 1EY, UK

Editor's Review

The centre of Edinburgh can feel like a bit of a tangle. You’ll be looking at a map coming up to a left turn, and all of a sudden realise that the road you need to be on is actually underneath you. It’s a definite part of the city’s beauty, but it’s nice to have somewhere in amongst it where you can take five and get your bearings - Checkpoint fits the bill.

During the Festival, Checkpoint turns into a thriving cabaret venue, hiding a secret theatre upstairs. The rest of the year, the activity is restricted to the ground floor - a large, thriving cafe bar, slinging Williams & Johnson espressos and Matthew Algie decafs, open early til late, with an old shipping container built into it, in case you want to have brunch in an old shipping container.

Bristo Square itself is a real hotspot for students, as well as being a popular skateboarding spot after a recent redevelopment, and with the lushness of The Meadows and the history of the Royal Mile five minute walks in either direction, Checkpoint pulls in a big crowd of tourists and locals alike. Thankfully, it can deal with it - mark it on your map if you’re coming to town for the first time, you’ll be glad you did.

Review: Harry Harris

Image courtesy of venue

Cafe Features

Table Seating
Pets Allowed

Coffee + Drinks

Non Dairy
House Roaster
Williams & Johnson
San Remo
Coffee Machine
San Remo Opera
Opening Hours
09:00 - 23:55
09:00 - 23:55
09:00 - 23:55
09:00 - 23:55
09:00 - 23:55
09:00 - 23:55
09:00 - 23:55