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43 High St, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

Editor's Review

You almost have to know where Chuffed is as it’s easy to walk straight passed this little gem. With the help of the map and the small sign that directs you down a disco lit, small corridor to the café, you should make it. You’ll be greeted by a bright blue wall and a pink door, and the offer to help yourself to free coffee grinds for your compost or worms.  

Once inside the small white washed café, you are greeted by the main counter with oversized lightbulbs dangling overhead and one large table. Next to the hatch to the kitchen there are a couple of shelves selling bags of Rocket House espresso beans and grinds, and piles of colourful KeepCups. The glass cabinet displayed fat door wedge sandwiches ('sammies') and a few pastries.

We placed our order and headed out the back to take a table and seat on one of the short metal stools each covered with a sheepskin. Deep green cheese plants dangle sporadically from the canvas roof. Some choose cocktails with their lunch, we opted for a beautiful flat white.

Reviewed by Feona Horrex.

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