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Get 10% OFF your first order. Use code WELCOME at checkout.

General Store

174 Bellenden Road, Peckham SE15 5BW

Editor's Review

Peckham has seen a recent renaissance in independent food and drink and Bellenden Road is very much at the hub. Since 2013, General Store has served the locals with the highest quality produce. The store offering very much the fundamentals of grocery shopping rather than one-off niche ingredients - nevertheless the shelves are a vivid delight of vegetables, cheeses, breads, meat, fish and fruit.

Part of that offer is quality coffee. The owners, Merlin and Genevieve serve Workshop Cult of Done made on their espresso machine at the back of the store. It’s a good spot to stand and chat or, of course, take away a drink. Retail bags are also available. Teas are from Flint & Co, a company started by a London vicar who loves quality tea. Teas are sustainably sourced and 10% of the profits go to charity.

That’s the kind of story Merlin and Genevieve love to tell here – the back story of their quality products and their sustainable provenance. It’s fabulous, and possibly unique, that that range of products also includes good coffee served on the premises.

Review by Phil Wain. Photo courtesy General Store.

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