Below a few frequently asked questions we get here at Best Coffee. If you have a question that is not addressed here, please feel free to reach out via or via the Contact Us form.


Why is my discount code not working?

1. The WELCOME 10% discount code is only available on full-priced items (not applicable to sale, promotional or bundled items). 

3. Make sure the code matches exactly, codes are case sensitive, make sure there is no space at the end or beginning of the promo code, and include any hyphens (-) where shown.

4. Make sure the promo code is in date


How do you pick your cafes?

Every café listed on Best Coffee has been visited by one of our team of expert editors. They think it’s great and worth sharing with you. We only visit cafes that serve speciality coffee, which is graded by the Specialty Coffee Association as ‘80’ or above (with a maximum of 100). We’ve been very busy, visiting cafés that meet that criteria to ensure you can find the best coffee in your area. We also look at ambience, great service, layout, design, food, and facilities – all the things that we know make a café great.

We also regularly check back in on listed cafes to make sure they’re still great and that you’re still getting the Best Coffee, wherever you are.


Who are your experts?

We work with people across the specialty coffee industry, ensuring we know what is happening where, and how to find the best coffee. Our reviewers come from a range of backgrounds, and many have worked in the industry; we also get regular updates from some high-profile experts. You can find out more on our About Us page.


What is an ‘Editor’s Pick’?

Our experts have travelled far and wide to find cafes but, like you, they’ve each got their favourites. Our Editor’s Pick symbol shows you what we think are the places worth making a special detour for, whether it’s for the great coffee, the ambience, or something else. We’re pretty sure you’ll agree, and that’s why we’ve included them.


What does "On Our Radar" mean?

As our user base expands globally, we want to ensure that more of you can find good coffee near you. Cafés ‘On our Radar’ have been recommended by experts, our users and/or cafés, researched by the Best Coffee team, but not visited. You can provide your own experience of any of these cafés from within the app.


Why are cafes in my city not listed in your app?

Not every café serves speciality coffee, so you won’t find those that don’t on our app. In cities with busy, dynamic coffee scenes it might take us a bit of time to get everywhere; if a café is recently opened, this is likely to be the case. If there’s a place you love and it’s not listed, drop us a line at and we’ll have a look.

Similarly, we have not visited every city with speciality coffee yet. It’s a big undertaking, but we’re working hard to get it done.


I’m a café owner – how do I get my café listed in your app?

If you serve speciality coffee and think your café merits inclusion, drop us a line at and we will try to visit as soon as possible. We can’t promise to include everyone who contacts us, though.


What benefits do I get if I pay for the app?

Searching the nearest cafés to you is free, for everyone, forever. If you subscribe, you’ll be able to search everywhere around the world that we’ve found good coffee and get additional membership benefits, such as access to café promotions, the ability to save favourites and share them, and search and save by preferences.


Would the app stop working if I stop my subscription?

Absolutely not: we want everyone to be able to find the best coffee in their immediate area and, as such, we are committed to keeping our search function free for everyone. If you want to search further afield, simply re-activate your subscription and you’ll be able to see a whole world of coffee wherever you are.


Do cafes pay you to get listed?

No – our team of expert editors have visited and assessed everywhere that we’ve listed and no one gets to jump on board without meeting our criteria, even if they offered to slip us an extra shot for free!


I can’t add my own reviews. Are you going to add that as a feature in the next update?

In each café screen, you can give a rating to cafes from one to five. We believe that our expert editors have curated the best places and that our users benefit from this knowledge, and so the reviews are by them, and not by other visitors. While we do review our listed cafes regularly, if you have specific concerns about one, then get in touch.


Why do you charge for some features on your app?

We think that for the price of cup of coffee, we are providing a range of exciting, helpful benefits. And don’t forget, the search function ‘near me’ is always free.


I tried to visit a café listed in your app, but it’s permanently closed! Why have you not removed it?

We are working with cafes to ensure that all our listings are up-to-date, but, especially in big cities, we may not know immediately if a venue has closed or moved. We do our best to stay one step ahead of things and café owners will often let us know about changes in their circumstances but, if there’s a café that has closed and we’re still listing it, please let us know.

If there’s anything else you’d like to ask us about, or if you just want to say hi, drop an email to