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Get 10% OFF your first order. Use code WELCOME at checkout.
Get 10% OFF your first order. Use code WELCOME at checkout.

Work With Us

Best Coffee Guide is the world's largest curated guide to the specialty coffee scene. We have visited and reviewed cafés in all but one continent (Antarctica, we're watching and waiting) but we can only do this by working with a passionate network of coffee connoisseurs.

Our mission is to provide an experience that, no matter where you are in the world, you can pull out the Best Coffee Guide app and find a great coffee shop. Our guiding criteria is that to be listed somewhere needs to be serving specialty grade coffee to a high standard. We know that great coffee beans doesn't always equal a great coffee, so it's also about the experience as well as the ingredients.



Our priority is to create an experience that brings the best coffee shops to users around the world, so typically our focus is on adding and reviewing coffee shops for the Best Coffee platform. This involves visiting coffee shops, sampling the coffee and writing a concise review of the experience (assuming the visit is good enough).

By extension, we are also looking for City or Local Area Coffee Guides - these are guides that introduce and discuss the local coffee scene in a given area and list some of the best coffee shop experiences.

Finally, we are interested in more general coffee-at-home content. Whilst we work with cafés around the world to manage their listings, we are primarily working to provide an experience to the coffee consumer; the person who loves coffee and wants to know more, make it better or find unique coffee places.


There are a few levels of contribution we consider:



If you love strolling around, spending time in coffee shops and have a palette for great coffee then we'd love to work with you as a coffee shop flâneur. You can give us a list of places you think are worth checking out, or we can provide lists of coffee shops we need visiting and reviewing. Then, when you find yourself in the right place at the right time, grab a coffee, give us your thoughts in 100-250 words and we'll cover your expenses and a small review fee.



If you actively seek out great coffee shops in your spare time or as part of your day-to-day comings and goings, then we'd be interested in working with you! For this to work, you'd provide a list of places you think are worth checking out, or we can provide lists of coffee shops we need visiting and reviewing. We'd ask for 100-250 word reviews of each coffee shop, if it makes the cut, and cover your expenses and a per-café review fee.



If you're a pro/freelance writer and write in and around the world of coffee, we can work with you to build a more significant plan of reviews and writing. This could be retainer based or a more complete list of cafés to review in a city, area, state or country. As above, you can provide café lists or we can provide them to you. In this role we'd look for a more consistent pipeline of coffee shop reviews and for you to have above average specialty coffee experience.



If you know your grind sizes, brew methods and varietals we'd be interested in working with you to produce content for our coffee-at-home audience. Whilst our primary mission is to help people find amazing coffee shops, we recognise that great coffee at home is super important for our users, too.


  • Very engaged audience with high repeat rates for using the Best Coffee App
  • Bespoke platform to quickly and easily submit coffee shop reviews
  • We will always cover coffee expenses (sorry, not brunch though!) for coffee shop reviews
  • We can also pay per-café review fees depending on your level of involvement
  • We will credit all coffee shop reviews and other editorial pieces and are open to linking back to your own portfolio if you have one.

If you're still interested in working together, please do get in touch via