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Origin Coffee, Los Altos

Origin: Nicaragua
Process: Washed
Tasting notes: Roasted almond, chocolate, brown sugar

Los Altos farm and Origin have a relationship spanning over 10 years & this coffee is at the core of Origin’s company identity. In the cup, this coffee is approachable, familiar and full of flavour: a balanced coffee with subtle acidity, full body and a creamy finish.

Mió x Assembly, Lot 1939

Origin: Brazil
Process: Red Honey
Tasting notes: Cherry, green grape acidity and maple syrup

A collaboration between Brazilian farm Mió in Monte Santo and Assembly Coffee: This single-origin lot is named after the inaugural year of Monte Santo carinival, which has since become a strong tradition in the area. This full-bodied coffee has crisp acidity and maple-syrup sweetness.

Best Coffee x Colonna - Editor's Choice, Las Mercedes Espresso

Origin: Colombia
Process: Fully washed
Tasting notes: Cherry, lemon, caramel

Finca Las Mercedes has the perfect altitude and climate for producing excellent quality coffee. Nestled amongst carefully maintained native forest, flora and fauna; the coffee trees are harvested by hand and the double fermentation of the cherries results in a balanced profile of cherry, lemonade and caramel in the cup.

Best Coffee
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