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Free UK delivery for orders over £50 | Get a discount code when subscribing to our newsletter.

Best Coffee Beans Subscription Box - Espresso - 1kg


Keep it interesting with our Best Coffee subscriptions. Sign up to receive a carefully curated supply of espresso beans that changes every month. We’ve teamed up with Colonna to bring you our favourite pick of freshly roasted espresso beans each month.

Best Coffee have been responsible for matching our app users to great coffee shops since 2012, becoming one of the leading guides for specialty cafés in the UK. So you can trust that we’re dedicated to only delivering the best coffee.

What we do:

  • Our coffee experts seek out & hand select the very best coffee for you to try. Colonna Coffee expertly roast & package it. We do the research & the hard grind, so you don’t have to.
  • We send out a new, exciting specialty coffee for you to try each month.

What you do:

  • Sign up to our totally flexible subscription service, knowing you can cancel or take a holiday at any time – you’re in complete control.
  • Choose how many kgs of coffee you need to get you through the month.
  • Wait eagerly each month for your new coffee to arrive in the post.
  • Enjoy a month’s supply of coffee in 1kg bags: less recalibrating your grinder, and more sipping great coffee!

This month's coffee:

5 Rings Coffee - Madre Naturaleza - Single Origin, Mexico - Espresso Coffee Beans - 1kg

Madre Naturaleza is 5 Rings Coffee's single-origin coffee from Mexico with flavours of Milk Chocolate, Orange, Red Apple and Plum.

From a temperate mountain range to the Oaxaca city 180 coffee producing families create this amazing coffee. Farms range in size from 0.5-5 hectares, harvest is a community affair where neighbours assist one and other. With espresso, you'll find fruity flavours and a texture like melted milk chocolate. Add milk, and it emboldens flavours of chocolate and fruit, with a satisfying aftertaste of plum.

Why did we call this coffee “Madre Naturaleza”? The story begins in Aguascalientes, Mexico. The unassuming home of numerous world records, the Mecca of speed. To find out more, the full story is included in your order.

Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate, Orange, Red Apple and Plum.

Location: Mexico, Oaxaca, Santo Domingo Cacalotepec
Altitude: 1,300 to 1,700 metres
Preparation: Washed
Varietal: Typica, Mundo Novo, Bourbon
Owners: 180 Coffee Producing Families

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