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Colonna Coffee - Africa - 10 Compostable Coffee Pods

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An intense espresso beverage — bright and complex with a full-bodied intensity. Colonna has been working hard to achieve perfect and consistent extraction with their compostable capsules.

Tasting Notes: Blackcurrant, dark chocolate and marzipan.

Origin: Kenya

Process: Washed

The Kianderi “Coffee Factory” acts as the specialty hub for the district of Kirinyaga in the country’s Central Province - established in 1963 across 7 acres, it serves the villages of Kianderi, Kabumbu, Kieni and Kimandi, meticulously processing their SL28, K7 and Ruiri11 crops.

With small farms common across Kenya, strong community links like these are essential for producers, granting access to equipment and exporter relationships, and providing focused assistance through the co-op’s dedicated field committees.

Box Quantity: 10 capsules

Capsule Type: Compostable

Roaster's brewing guides: Recommended shot weight 25g.