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Colonna Coffee - Foundation - 10 Recyclable Coffee Pods

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Coffees in Colonna's Foundation genre are balanced, clean and complex — with low bitterness and pleasing acidity. Flavours like these can only be achieved by growing the right coffee in the right place, with meticulous attention to detail during the harvesting process.

Tasting Notes: Orange, marzipan and vanilla.

Origin: Rwanda

One of only two washing stations granted approval for honey and natural processing in Rwanda by NAEB, we are excited to now showcase a washed lot from this pioneering farm. With drying beds stretched across the high elevation plains, the coffee has maximum exposure to airflow and sunlight as it dries.

Earlier in the year Northern Rwanda was struck with devastating floods and landslides. The purchase of this lot allows a donation to relief efforts through our importer and their partners - for more information or to donate please visit -

Box Quantity: 10 capsules

Capsule Type: 100% Recyclable Aluminium 

Roaster's brewing guides:
For these Short capsules, we recommend a 25g beverage weight. The coffee in our capsules has been roasted and ground with a specific ratio of water-to-coffee in mind.

To achieve an intense and balanced espresso shot, you will need to recalibrate your machine’s factory settings. Here’s how:

Position your cup on a set of digital scales, resets the scales to zero, and place a Short capsule into the machine. Press and hold the short button, and release once the shot weighs 25g. This process overrides the machine’s default dose with your new recipe.

Ensuring your reservoir is sufficiently full, press one of the buttons without a capsule inserted before and after brewing. This primes and rinses the system, and prevent build up of oils that can detract from the quality of you cup.

More than 90% of your cup of coffee is water - it has a huge impact on cup quality.

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