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Colonna Coffee - Foundation - Coffee Beans - 250g (Filter Coffee) (Reward)

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Colonna Coffee - Foundation - Coffee Beans - 250g (Filter Coffee)

Coffees in Colonna's Foundation genre are balanced, clean and complex — with low bitterness and pleasing acidity. Flavours like these can only be achieved by growing the right coffee in the right place, with meticulous attention to detail during the harvesting process.


Tasting Notes: Orange, cherry and chocolate

Origin: Colombia

Colombia's dynamic and varied coffee offerings are due in part to the origin's vast array of microclimates created by the country's unique geography — perfect for the cultivation of specialty coffee.

The Cauca region on the western coast enjoys such conditions with smallholder farms grouping together to grow Castillo, Caturra and Colombia varieties. These are then cupped and selected in the nearby town of Popayán.

A quintessential Foundation coffee — this washed lot is sweet and tangy, with notes of orange, cherry and chocolate