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Crankhouse Coffee - Fazenda Boa Vista, Natural - Coffee Beans - 250g

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Crankhouse Coffee - Fazenda Boa Vista, Natural - Coffee Beans - 250g

Tasting Notes: Sweet and Creamy, Milk Chocolate, Fig and Almond

Variety: Yellow Bourbon
Location: Sul de Minas, Brazil
Elevation: 990 MASL
Process: Natural

Antônio Firmo de Mattos came to coffee farming as part of the family business. His grandfather, Francisco Firmo de Mattos, began farming in 1895 at Fazenda do Racho in the municipality of Contagem, Minas Gerais. This farm was the beginning of the family cultivating coffee and a legacy that would carry through the generations to today.

Antônio chose to farm in Sul de Minas at the recommendation of several other farmers who were dedicated to quality just like he was. Today, he operates Fazenda Boa Vista in the city of Oliveira, Minas Gerais. The farm is 30 hectares in total, with 28 hectares dedicated to growing Catuai, Yellow Bourbon, and Mundo Novo coffee trees.

This lot of Yellow Bourbon coffee underwent Natural processing. Yellow Bourbon was discovered in 1930 on a Red Bourbon farm in Pederneiras, São Paulo, Brazil. It’s unclear if Yellow Bourbon developed as a natural mutation of Red Bourbon, or if it was a naturally occurring cross between Red Bourbon and Yellow Botucatu, a mutation of Typica discovered in 1871 in Botucatu, São Paulo. Yellow Bourbon is known for good cup quality and relatively high productivity, and has come back into fashion as a cultivated variety across Brazil after its initial novelty wore off in the mid 1900’s. Instituto Agronomico (IAC) of Sao Paulo State in Campinas, Brazil renewed research efforts of the variety in 2005, seeking to highlight the plant’s robust nature and high cup potential.