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Get 10% OFF your first order. Use code WELCOME at checkout.

Discovery Lungo Capsules (40)

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by Colonna

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An unusual cultivar blend full of bold and juicy Colombian character. The story of Hacienda El Obraje is one of constant evolution, beginning with Mr. Pablo Guerrero introducing coffee to the Tangua region outside the city of Pasto in the year 2000. The twenty-two years since have seen this wheat, grain and fruit orchard slowly transition into a specialty farm of outstanding quality. By carefully implementing new designs across the landscape a unique microclimate has been achieved, whilst cultivating on just 25 percent of the estate has allowed the rest of the land to flourish as a natural reserve. This washed blend is 50.8% Caturra, 40.7 Castillo and 8.5% Yellow Bourbon. Using a short period of anaerobic fermentation at the beginning of the process breaks down and develops certain fruit sugars within the ripe cherries. Colonna capsules are compatible with traditional Nespresso® capsule machines.