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Foundry Coffee Roasters - Bookisa Ethiopia - Espresso Coffee Beans - 250g

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Foundry Coffee Roasters - Bookisa Ethiopia - Espresso Coffee Beans - 250g

Natural coffee from the Guji region of Ethiopia often has a near magical quality and this one fits that profile perfectly. Complex and super sweet, you'll find familiar blueberry notes here but you may not expect to find such pleasing, gentle acidity and subtle chocolate notes. It reminds us of white chocolate and old-fashioned lemonade. The funk is definitely dialled down here and instead you'll enjoy heady violet florals and a beautifully sweet finish. Delicious coffee that reminds us of summer.

Tasting Notes: blueberries, violets, lemonade
Origin: Bookisa, Guji.
Varietals: Gibirinna and Serto (certified organic)
Processing: Natural
Q Score: 88.5

Bookkisa is the name of a sub kebele (Hamlet) where the Bookkisa group of 38 farmers are located. Average farm size of each member is 2.55 hectares. The coffee grows under a canopy of natural forest, much like most of Guji Coffees in the area.

The fertile red land is made of Clay and Loam.All of these farmers are trained in agronomy and post-harvest practices by the "King of Guji", Ture Waji. What's unique about how these drying stations are managed are the drying beds themselves: each day lot is tracked with a tag for each bed, listing the specific delivery and the start date of drying and relative Moisture Content Readings for each day.

The washing Station is property of a group of smallholders farmers and thanks to their direct approach and track of daily lots we are able to trace this coffee back to back to the individual farmer, which is fairly rare in Ethiopia.