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Get 10% OFF your first order. Use code WELCOME at checkout.

Gesha Espresso Capsules (40)

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by Colonna
An exciting mixture of origin and varietal. Fruit-forward with a beautifully-silky mouthfeel. Owned and operated by Don Andres Goicochea, Finca Santa Teresa sits at 1680 masl in the province of Peru named, Amazonas. With just three hectares, the farm focuses primarily on the cultivation of Gesha, with the terroir providing an ideal climate for extremely high productivity. With four decades of experience, Don Andres, along with his family, tend to the farm, only hiring extra pickers during the height of harvest. In 2018 the renovation of the farm began, moving away from the mature crop of Catimor, and focusing on the precious seedling nursery of Gesha. These, now fully-grown, bountiful plants make up 80% of the farm, and an incredible amount of care is taken to maintain their health. Don Andres processes all lots from the farm naturally, with this coffee hand-picked, floated, and then left to rest for 12 hours before being spread on raised beds to dry for between twenty-five and thirty days. With climate change a growing concern, steps have been taken on the farm with the planting of new nitrogen-fixing shade-trees. Drop irrigation systems now installed allow for sufficient water to reach the plants on hot dry days, a particularly important process during prime flowering and harvesting months. Northern Peru is a surprising origin for high-quality Gesha, but as we see every year, improvements in management, understanding and care have allowed cup-quality to sky-rocketed in so many countries. Cajamarca as a region holds a huge potential for these types of lots and we’re so excited to showcase more Gesha offerings in future seasons. Colonna capsules are compatible with traditional Nespresso® capsule machines.