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Win a FREE set of Loveramics cups when shopping any product over £100.
Win a FREE set of Loveramics cups on any products over £100.

Kiss the Hippo Coffee - Organic Coffee Pods - 10 Compostable Coffee Pods

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Kiss the Hippo Coffee - Organic Coffee Pods - 10 Compostable Coffee Pods

Certified Organic from our most trusted producing partners, George Street Espresso Pods were created by blending two coffees from Latin America: the Colombian Los Vascos and the Nicaraguan San Juan. Carefully roasted to highlight the coffees’ vibrant and natural flavours, George Street is a crowd pleasing combination of sweetness and balance.


Sustainability Credentials

Kiss the Hippo’s long-standing focus on ethical sourcing and building relationships with farmers means 100% traceability from farm to cup. Add to this their commitment to pay 50% over Fairtrade price, and their support of reforestation projects at origin mean they’re doing their bit for sustainably grown coffee.

Closer to home KTH support a number of initiatives making a difference, not just in coffee circles but causes close to their hearts. Kew’s coffee research, World Coffee Research and the National Literacy Trust have all benefited from Kiss the Hippo donations.

Dedicated to running a low-impact business; KTH have invested in the most eco-friendly roaster on the market to support their policy of carbon-neutral roasting. They also run zero-waste cafés; used coffee grounds are turned into biofuel & coffee sacks are sent to London Zoo to be used as toys or bedding for the primates. All packaging used is either compostable or recyclable too.