Outpost Coffee Roasters - Rwanda Musasa- Filter Coffee Beans - 225g

Musasa CWS production started in 2004 as the 1st CWS in Northern Province of Rwanda. It is located in Ruli sector, Gakenke District, Northern Province owned by DUKUNDEKAWA cooperative.

The cooperative is composed of 1,818 members among whom 33% are women. They are based into different sectors namely Ruli, Muhondo and Coko where most the coffee plantations are covering around 1,100 ha.

The income generated is also used beside to run the CWS, it is also used to support in health and education support to all cooperative members.

In addition, farmers are now able to get access to finance through different available loans as the cooperative will assist and support them where necessary.

Tasting Notes: Strawberries & Cream, Milk Chocolate, Plums
Process: Natural
Varietals: Bourbon
Producer: Musasa central washing station
Origin: Gakenke, Rwanda
Elevation: 2000 masl


Sustainability Credentials

Outpost have been working hard from the beginning to nurture long-standing relationships with coffee farmers to make sure they’re paid fairly for the high-quality coffee they’re growing. Traceability, sustainably and ethically sourced coffee is at the heart of what they do. They are also proud to work directly with an indigenous community, The Crotishair, to source some of their micro-lots.
Their packaging is fully recyclable; shipping boxes are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, while all shipping of coffee is done so carbon-neutrally.