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Roast Dates in Coffee Beans

Roast Dates in Coffee Beans

A date that tells you when your coffee was roasted is really important because it gives you an idea of how fresh that coffee is.

If you can't see a roast date, or perhaps you can only see an expiry date on a bag of coffee, chances are that coffee is really old and possibly already stale. On the flipside, you should not panic if your coffee isn't super fresh. There is no need in trying to get coffee that was only roasted yesterday, in fact is a good idea to give freshly roasted coffee a few days to rest before you drink it.

Some roasters even have a guide as to how long you should rest a coffee before you drink it, and most roasters agree that as long as you drink the coffee within 3 months of the roast date, it will still taste great.

So don't worry if your coffee is starting to get a little old, it will still taste amazing.

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