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Get 10% OFF your first order. Use code WELCOME at checkout.
Wilfa Uniform Dialing In Guide

Wilfa Uniform Dialing In Guide

Grinding is one the key elements to achieve a great tasting cup of coffee. What setting to choose on your Wilfa Uniform Grinder depends on the type of coffee you are brewing and your taste preference.
The guide below is Wilfa's guidelines for different brewing methods, but you are welcome to experiment with different settings to achieve your preferred taste.

Wilfa Uniform Grind Guide

Setting 2-8 Espresso

Grinding the coffee into smaller, finer pieces actually increases the surface area of the grounds coming into contact with the water. This is perfect for espresso, where pressure is used to extract flavours quickly from the coffee – allowing maximum development in under 30 seconds.

Setting 14-22 Aeropress

With this method time is increased and pressure, while still present is considerably less than a 9-bar espresso machine. As a result, the Wilfa Uniform produces slightly larger grounds of coffee. This means that during the brewing method, the coffee is perfectly sized to release sweetness, a little acidity and minimal bitterness from over-dissolved coffee solids.

Setting 14-38 pour over/filter

This setting has a large range because there are so many different ways to produce a filter coffee. In this brewing method, pressure is replaced with gravity, meaning that as the water flows through the bed of coffee it picks up oils, flavours and coffee solids along the way. A medium-coarse grind-size keeps the flavours balanced and provides enough resistance to prevent the water flowing through too quickly.

Setting 30-38 French press

When using a French press time is increased to account for the decrease in pressure and aid of gravity. The coffee must be ground coarser to allow grounds to be evenly extracted by the water, without the stewing effect and resulting bitterness from too-small grinds.


Introducing the Wilfa Uniform Range

The scope for buying domestic coffee kit is now huge, whether you prefer espresso-based drinks, Turkish-style coffee, filter, French press or cold brew. Making exceptional coffee starts with the right grinder. Investing in a quality grinder ensures you'll enjoy the most flavourful cup of coffee and always get those ratios and recipes spot-on. Today, we’ll talk about the most suitable coffee grinder you can get for every occasion so you can enjoy delicious coffee, however you’re brewing it.

Wilfa Uniform Coffee Grinder

If you are looking for phenomenally tasty home brew, Wilfa has got you covered with the Uniform grinder series.

No matter if you're upgrading or for the first time grinding and brewing coffee at home, office or shop, this uniform coffee grinder will take your skills to the next level. You’re going to enjoy the most delicious coffee possible.

Wilfa Uniform Grinder

This grinder has 58mm stainless steel flat burrs for precise grinding and smooth extraction for delicious coffee. It has a slow motor speed to minimise heat contact, which can distort the taste of your coffee. And, once the beans are pumped through, it automatically switches itself off.

The Wilfa uniform coffee grinder has 41 different grind settings to grind anything from espresso to French press. You simply need to turn the hopper to the desired setting number to switch between them. You can even use the lid of the grinder as a weighing scale on the Uniform + model.


Achieving great-tasting coffee

Wilfa Uniform Grinder

For a full explanation on why adjusting the grind-size between different brewing methods is necessary, take a look at our explainer article ‘Why Grind Size Matters.

Once you understand the crucial role your grinder play in delivering tasty coffee, Wilfa Uniform’s resourcefulness becomes even clearer.


Master of all brewing methods

It’s not often that a product sets out to be all things to all people, but Wilfa has truly mastered it with the Uniform grinder series.

Creating a grinder that can effortlessly switch between grind sizes, crucially one that can also successfully grind fine enough for true espresso.

Wilfa’s Uniform grinders are the perfect ‘master of all’ brewing methods for those who like a little variety in their home coffee routine. They also stand up to pretty intensive use so make a durable addition to commercial barista bars too – perfect for serving guest coffees or even decaf.



Take a look at the full features list of The Uniform grinder (silver model) and The Uniform+ in black with barista scales included.

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