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Get 10% OFF your first order. Use code WELCOME at checkout.
Bailies Coffee

Coffee Roaster Introduction: Bailies Coffee

Best Coffee's roastery guide is a compilation of the very best, tried & tested coffee roasters from around the world. We’ve hand-selected a small collection of amazing coffees for you to sample. Not all coffees are created equal, and not all coffees make it into our shop. So we’re starting a series of articles shining a light on our chosen roasteries to explain why we picked them for your drinking delight.

Bailies Coffee

Where: Belfast

Who: Founded by Russell Bailie, this coffee roaster is now Northern Ireland’s first stop for coffee, machinery and training.

Since when: 2001

Why: At Best Coffee we respect Bailies for their considered approach to each coffee they roast; working hard to bring out the unique, distinct flavours in each & do justice to the growers’ hard work.

Bailies Coffee

What’s the story: From their HQ in Belfast, Bailies are on a mission to craft world-class coffee, honouring the skilled labour that goes into growing the green beans they import. Investing in the latest roasting technology and constantly learning in their dedicated coffee lab their coffees & roast profile promote the characteristics of the coffee & the wishes of the farmers who have grown it.

Sustainability credentials

Bailies Coffee

Bailies are big champions of traceability, ethically and sustainably sourced coffee & have long-standing trading arrangements with specialty exporters. They also pay a premium, above Fairtrade minimum pricing for their coffee to ensure that the growers are properly compensated for their crops.

Though not yet using fully-recyclable packaging they are committed to achieving this by the end of 2021. Bailies are also SALSA and STA accredited, they recycle their coffee waste and stock their warehouse with recyclable coffee cups.

Our favourite coffees:


Ethipia Buku Hambele


Ethipia Buku Hambele - This super-fresh filter has been sun-dried in the traditional way on raised beds at the Buku washing station. Here Farmers bring their crops for processing and are affiliated to the METAD program, which gives growers specialised training, free seedlings and professional guidance at every stage of production.

Colombia Comepcafe espresso

Colombia Comepcafe espressoThis well-rounded single origin has delightful floral notes, as well as smooth chocolate flavours, making it perfect for espresso. Bailies direct-source this coffee from a grower-lead co-operative, and believe in fostering ethical, sustainable and long-term relationships with some of the world’s finest coffee growers.

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