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London Coffee Festival 2019

Best Coffees to try at London Coffee Festival 2019

London, and the UK, continue to stubmle headlong into utter confusion re: Brexit. At London Coffee Festival, though, you can go and enjoy the inclusiveness and openness of the coffee industry.

There are, unfortunately, far more coffees to try than you have time for in one day (whilst staying inside safe caffeine limits). We've picked out some of the more interesting coffees from the exhibitors so you can spend your caffeine currency wisely. (P.S. bananas are a pro-tip for trying to moderate the impact/absorption of caffine).  (Image credit at the top from @justcoof)

Ruwad Coop Al Hayma (Qima Coffee)

This was a stand out coffee for us. Qima coffee work exclusively with producers in Yemen and are trying to foster improvements in Yemeni coffee production. You may have heard Qima's name in the press a few weeks ago as they source and roast the much-media-covered £15 filter coffee in Alain Ducasse's La Cafe in London. Whilst this isn't that coffee, it's an excellent Natural Udaini (aka Mocha) varietal.

Mammutidae Collective #1, Gigante (39 Steps)

A wonderful Colombian Geisha. 39 Steps (Coffee Haus) are relatively new on the London specialty coffee scene. With a flagship in Soho, they have just opened up their second site in Knightsbridge of all places. This coffee was full of flavour, light and fruity. They've roasted their own coffee (in Woolwich) from day one, and this is a great coffee.

Costa Rica El Diamante (Bailies Coffee Roasters [Limited Edition])

Telling people to go try this coffee "at Bailies" gets some odd looks at the festival. It's BAILIES not BAILEYS you repeat. This coffee is not new to us, and is about to be used in the World Brewers Cup Final. Brown sugar and Cinnamon in a way that will surprise you. If you like coffee, don't leave LCF2019 without trying to try this. (Image credit Bailies as we photographed the wrong card)

Tessema Edima (MOK)

Did a bit of a double take when we saw MOK's stand. They're super well established on their home turf in Belgium, so it was a great surprise to see them here. This Washed Heirloom from Ethiopia has recently gone up at auction and it doesn't come cheap. Well brewed at the MOK stand (and into an insulated server, so you don't have to get your timing right to enjoy it warm).

There will be plenty more special coffees at the show, so make sure you take a look around the expansive roasters village, ask questions, try coffees and buy some beans!

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