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Brewers Cup 2019 - Yanina Ferreyra

Brewers Cup 2019 - Yanina Ferreyra

With the World Brewer's Cup 2019 just around the corner (hosted at the Boston Specialty Coffee Expo), we've asked the finalists a few questions.  Up first is Yanina Ferreyra from Australia.

How did you get your start in the coffee industry?

As a psychology student I had the desire to “help people”. I started volunteering for a group that worked with developing communities and collaborating with other disciplines as well (lawyers, social workers, sociologist, etc).

When I arrived in Australia (in 2010) my first job was in a café. My plan was to work and save enough to continue my studies but after 2 years, I didn’t want to give it up.

Coffee had another way to approach a community. It’s the cheapest luxury product and consumption is almost universal. My interest was always on the origin side, and how business was used to collaborate with developing communities.

Today in my job as a green bean buyer there’s also interdisciplinary collaboration, but this time with producers, agronomists, cuppers, accountants etc.

Coffee gave me the opportunity to continue to follow my dreams, but with the added value of having something delicious to drink as well!

If you did not work in coffee, what other industry interests you?

Psychology, anthropology and working at a post office!

What was your journey leading to the WBrC in Boston?

This was my first attempt at Brewers cup. So I had to learn everything from scratch, even how to hold the kettle! As a green coffee buyer, my everyday job is to cup lots of coffees and help calibrate scores on panels with many cuppers. My job requires me to have a big sensory memory and also understand descriptors.

Being able to imagine myself as the drinker of a coffee gave me a clear idea of what flavour I was pursuing, but I had to work out how to brew it.

It was a huge surprise for me to place first in my regional competition and even a bigger surprise when I qualified first at nationals (Australia has a top 12 scoring system).

I was very happy with my coffee for nationals, and now Boston as well!

What coffee will you be using at the WBrC in Boston and why?

I work with Project Origin helping develop new processing techniques in collaboration with coffee producers.

So my preference is always work with Carbonic Macerated coffees. At the moment I have a very delicious bean I can't stop looking at. You'll see in Boston :)

What brew method will you be using at the WBrC in Boston and why?

I love drip methods for the cleanliness and how the coffee can express itself. I'm keeping my options open, but it's very likely it's drip cone.

Are there any things you’re excited to see or do in Boston (other than the Championship of course)?

I really want to see their iconic Bridge! I've been dreaming about it for a while now :)

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