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Glasgow Specialty Coffee Roasters

Glasgow Specialty Coffee Roasters

It's nearly Glasgow Coffee Festival time, and whilst we spend a lot of time talking about the cafés around Glasgow, we wanted to spend a bit more time highlighting some of the speciality coffee roasters in and around the city. (The header image here has been borrowed from the Dear Green website!)

This list has been derived by looking at the the house roaster information we have on the cafés in Glasgow - there are some roasters here not based in Glasgow, and there may be some other Glasgow roasters we've missed!

Dear Green Coffee Roaster

Dear Green

A roastery and SCA training facility in the heart of Glasgow's East End, Dear Green supply a number of Glasgow specialty cafés and beyond. They are central in the history of specialty coffee in Glasgow having setup and run the first ever Glasgow Coffee Festival in 2014.

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Papercup Coffee Roaster

Papercup Coffee Company

Located in Glasgow's City Centre, the Papercup Coffee Company are, refreshingly, telling us their mission statement - just that they want to source, roast and share great coffee. An open roastery, near their namesake café, allows you to sit and enjoy a brew whilst watching the roasting process from start to finish.

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Ovenbird Roasters

Committed to the long term view of sourcing and roasting coffee, Ovenbird opt for a traditional approach to roasting - using human judgement and not always relying on technology. Supplying a number of local specialty coffee shops, Ovenbird also create a Whiskey Coffee collection with whiskey barrel aged beans.

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Fortitude Coffee Roaster

Fortitude Coffee Roasters

Offering traceability of all their single origin roasts, Fortitude have been roasting coffee on their Diedrich since late 2016.

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Luckie Beans Coffee Roaster

Luckie Beans

On some scale maps, Luckie Beans are mere millimetres from the Scottish border, but they supply some great Glasgow cafés so we wanted to include them here! Located at the northern tip of Northumberland, Luckie Beans roast a wide range of coffees in an 18th century building and supply coffee to home drinkers and cafés across the UK.

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Thomson's Coffee Roasters

Thomson's Coffee Roasters

Probably Scotland's oldest, and original, coffee roaster, Thomsons have been roasting coffee in Glasgow since 1841. More recently (well, relatively for them) they've also set up a café in the heart of Glasgow.

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The Good Coffee Cartel Coffee Roaster

The Good Coffee Cartel

Relative new roasters to the Glasgow scene, The Good Coffee Cartel pride themselves on getting the right coffee to their wholesale customers. They also have a coffee bar embedded in their roastery, and operate one of Scotland's first 'slot roasting' services where cafes can come and roast their own coffee!

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