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The Road to the World Barista Championships: Davide Cavaglieri

The Road to the World Barista Championships: Davide Cavaglieri

In the next of our short interviews with the World Barista Championship competitors, we ask our questions to Davide Cavaglieri, the Italian Barista Champion. You can follow his journey on Instagram: @davide_cavaglieri

The WBC competition will take place at the Amsterdam World of Coffee on 21st to 23rd June this year.

When did you fall in love with coffee?

Precisely 9 years ago, after I finished High School.

What was your first coffee job?

It may sound strange but, I've started my career with the barista competition, this experience introduced me to the coffee business. Precisely, in a traditional Italian coffee bar.

If you didn’t work in coffee, what would you do?

For sure I'd work in wine, my second passion.

What exceptional coffee will you be using in the WBCs in Amsterdam? Tell us about the coffee and what it tastes like?

It will be the result of clarity in flavour profile. An experimental coffee process with an amazing fruity cup profile.

Who would you most like to make coffee for and why?

My italian customers, to share with them the new way to drink coffee and understand the difference to the traditional way of making Italian coffee. Being in Italy, first of all I would like to serve one espresso blend plus one very fruity but balanced coffee like a naturally processed coffee to involve the customers that are not able to drink this type of espresso and I'd propose maybe a natural and washed coffee in filter.

Who would play you in the story of your life?

Gerard Butler.

If you opened a cafe today, what would be on your first day playlist?

Reggae music.

What’s your favourite way to make coffee?

Without a doubt: espresso.

What are you most excited about in coffee?

The many little differences in every cup.

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