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The Road to the World Barista Championships: Kamo Giraldo

The Road to the World Barista Championships: Kamo Giraldo

Chile's Barista Champion and enthusiastic yogi, Kamo (Camilo) Giraldo, is next up answering our questions for the World Barista Championship competitors. You can follow his journey on Instagram: @kam_mo

The WBC competition will take place at the Amsterdam World of Coffee on 21st to 23rd June this year. 

When did you fall in love with coffee?
I fell in love with coffee when I tried a coffee from Burundi. It tasted very different from all other coffees I had tried before. It had an explosion of flavours that I didn't know could exist in a cup of coffee.

What was your first coffee job?
My first coffee job started 7 years ago in a Swedish café in Chile. 

If you didn’t work in coffee, what would you do?
I'm not sure, maybe continue experimenting with other beverages.

What exceptional coffee will you be using in the WBCs in Amsterdam? Tell us about the coffee and what it tastes like.
I’d prefer not to give specifics, but it's a delicate and surprising coffee from South America.

Who would you most like to make coffee for and why?
I would like to make a coffee for someone who has not tried specialty coffee before, to introduce them to something new, open their eyes to the possibilities of flavours, and give them a true coffee experience. Much like I experienced when I first fell in love with coffee.

Who would play you in the story of your life?
Michael Cera, for his good sense of humour.

If you opened a café today, what would be on your first day playlist?
For the day: Gorillaz, Pink Floyd, and David Bowie
For the night:  Santana and Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto

What’s your favourite way to make coffee?
French press.

What are you most excited about in coffee?
It is a constant learning experience. I love to share this learning experience, giving and gaining knowledge from others.
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