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Win a FREE set of Loveramics cups on any products over £100.
The World AeroPress Championships: Fikry Azda'Din

The World AeroPress Championships: Fikry Azda'Din

Fikry Azda'Din, the Indonesian AeroPress Champion and a barista at Mo Coffee, has answered our questions. He will soon be competing on the world AeroPress stage. You can follow his journey on instagram: @wakblek.

Why did you choose to enter the AeroPress Championship?

This is my first time competing at an official coffee competition, and why choose AeroPress? Initially, I just wanted to take a holiday on Saturdays and Sundays, then there was news that there would be an AeroPress competition, which I made the reason to take furlough on Saturday and Sunday.

What’s your favourite way to make coffee (other than AeroPress of course!)?

V60 and Kalita Wave. These were the first methods of manual coffee brewing that I used. So, I feel like it is the most simple way to brew, and I am used to it.

What led you to using the AeroPress?

Because I never felt like I understood the AeroPress method completely. So, I started to test it out and work with it and then I tried out many recipes.

Which grinder will you use for the competition and why?

I will use the grinder that will be provided there, I don’t want to take many items in my baggage.

How did you get in to the coffee industry?

It was 2015. I worked for the first time as a part timer in a café as a waitress , until my bar man gave me my first cup of Kintamani coffee.

What are you most excited about in coffee?

By how many flavours can be tasted in the cup - it’s amazing. Also, coffee brings people together. And coffee is not passive, it grows and develops with time, with a new sense and new ways all the time.

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