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The World AeroPress Championships: Viviana Zarza

The World AeroPress Championships: Viviana Zarza

Up next, answering our questions, is Paraguay's AeroPress Champion: Viviana Zarza. Viviana also runs her own coffee shop, Kaffetario. You can follow her coffee journey on her instagram profile: @viazarza

Why did you choose to enter the AeroPress Championship?

I chose enter because it is a very interesting championship and important inside the industry, so its a good way for Paraguay to begin to be recognised as a coffee country.

What’s your favourite way to make coffee (other than AeroPress of course!)?

Really, any way to make coffee is amazing, but I prefer the Chemex because your cup is very clean, and it lets you recognise subtle flavours.

What led you to using the AeroPress?

I have a coffee shop in Paraguay, and I use different methods of preparation. Of course, AeroPress is one of them.

Which grinder will you use for the competition and why?

I think the competition will give us one for this day, but I could carry my shop’s grinder. It’s a Cuisinart.

How did you get in to the coffee industry?

I started assisting different workshops in Asunción, Paraguay. Later, I became an owner of my own coffee shop.

What are you most excited about in coffee?

I’m most excited to meet all the people that are involved in the coffee industry. It is also to try and ensure people understand it is not just a cup of good coffee, it is to help the producers to change the lives around my own life...

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