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Simply Hario - V60 Glass Brewing Kit Review

Simply Hario - V60 Glass Brewing Kit Review

The Hario V60 Dripper has become one of, if not, the most recognisable coffee drippers of all time. It has found a place in the home of many a coffee lover as well as in your local cafe. The V60 Coffee Dripper makes a beautiful, balanced and bright cup of coffee. For anyone who doesn’t know, ‘V60’ refers to the shape and angle of the brewer: you can now share this piece of coffee trivia with all your coffee friends to impress them.

Hario V60


Hario is celebrating 100 years of designing, producing and selling heat proof glass. To mark this momentous occasion, they are releasing a new series called “Simply HARIO” which offers simple beauty and functionality to revitalise your lifestyle. Hario is paying homage to its historical roots in the manufacturing of heatproof glass by focusing on glass based products in this new “Simply HARIO” range.



In the V60 glass brewing kit, you will receive everything you need to brew a great cup of coffee including V60 Filter Papers. If you're anything like me, a little clumsy, you might think that a glass V60 on top of a glass server is a disaster waiting to happen but let me tell you what Hario have done to prevent any heartbreaking smashes. They have made the V60 with a plastic handle and base detachable section so your glass V60 doesn’t hit against the server, genius! They have done this while maintaining an authentic all glass look.


The V60 02 is, for me, the most versatile size as you can comfortably brew for 2, without it looking like it’s going to overflow, but equally it suits a solo brew.



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Simply Hario - V60 Glass Brewing Kit


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